Open ZIP File- Simple Steps

In a Zip file or compressed folder, you can find multiple files. The combination of multiple files reduces in size while it is in a Zip folder. If you want to Open Zip File, you don’t have to discover any rocket science because it is not so difficult to open it. If you are wondering what software you might need to open zip’ file, then don’t worry. You don’t have to install a third-party application to open zip file windows 7. We will learn in a step-by-step process of how to open the file on your PC without an application, but before that, let’s find out more about Zip files.


What is the Zip File Format?

Zip file format mostly comes in data compressed and archive format and that means that more than one of two files/folders can be stored in a single zip file. The file format was first introduced in Windows versions back in the year of 1998 and later the file format was introduced to Mac users. Java and JAR files mostly use this file extension zip. Browser add-ons also use this file format. Furthermore, when you send a pile of documents to someone via email, the default application will zip the files into one folder so that you can send the email easily.


Easy Methods to Open Zip File Windows 10

Depending on the operating system versions, users can access these types of files in different ways. With the latest Windows 10 update, it has become easier to open these types of file formats. Windows users can simply right-click on the zip folder on their Windows and then select the extract option from the drop-down menu. And after clicking on the option, you have to select all the files. You can press Ctrl+A to select all and then Ctrl+C to copy all. You then can paste those files to another folder.

Open Zip File

This method is very simple and most of the Windows users use it open Zip files and this method does not require any third-party software. If you were running any Windows version other than Windows 10’s latest update, you will need to use third-party apps. But since you are running the latest Windows, the in-built function is added in your new Windows version that will help you in extracting Zip files.


Easily Open Zip_ File on Linux

The simple Unzip command can help in uncompressing Zip files on your Linux operating system. Linux users can avail this function from Linux distribution package but if you don’t have the application, then you can use the Tar comment. Means you can navigate to the location of the folder by typing the tar -xvf command. You have to type the name of your zip file after typing xvf and then you are able to open the file on your computer installed Linux operating system.


Open Zip_ File with Third-Party Apps

There are so many third-party apps available on the internet that will help you with opening file extension zip. You must heard the name of WinZip- people use this software to unzip files on their system. You can also install WinRar which is a good alternative to WinZip. You simply need to download one of this software on your computer, and then just do a right-click on the zip file which you are trying to open and you can locate the extract files option. You might also see options like ‘extract to’ and ‘Extract here’. The ‘extract to’ option will let you extract the files on a different folder and with the other option, you can extract the files on the same folder. WinRar is the application that not only allows you to open zip files but with the application, you can extract RAR files as well.

If you are not comfortable with any of this software, then you can use an online service. WOBZIP,, B1 Online Archiver, etc online services offer you to upload your zip file and then from your web browser you can see all the files that are within the zip folder. You then can download those files on your system either individually or all together. There is another online service for extracting zip files is called ZIP Extractor. From here, you can extract all the files that are within the folder and you can add them directly to your Google Drive.

However, we would only suggest you an online service if the file size is small. Uploading a huge file online would take more time than installing an application that will do the same job for you.

Can I Convert Zip Files?

Yes, but you can only convert zip files to a similar format. For example, you cannot convert an mp3 into JPEG format, but you can always convert a doc file into PDF. Since zip files are a combination of various types of files, before trying to convert them make sure you have extracted them using the instructions mentioned above. After extracting, you can convert those zip files using an online file converter.

Zip files are easily convertible into RAR, 7Z, ISO, TGZ, TAR file format which support compressed folders. There are two different ways you can convert your zip files depending on its overall size.

  1. If the file is small, you can simply use an online tool. Here you will only need to upload the files and your result will be displayed.
  2. You can convert your Zip files to lots of file formats using Zip2ISO. This one supports huge file sizes so you don’t have to worry about that.

Unzipping zip files is not that difficult if you know the right process of doing it. The instructions given here are the easiest ones to try and won’t require any extra time or effort. There can be many other software that helps in converting or extracting zip files and you have any suggestion please let us know. Also, do drop us a comment if you think we can help you further with Open Zip File on your Windows computer.