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TMP File Extension: How to Open TMP File? [Simple Steps]

TMP file is mainly connected to temporary files or folders that are used for various tasks. They are usually automatically deleted after performing their tasks, however, under various circumstances, they remain in your system. Users face trouble with determining whether to keep this file or not because some programs may also hide their important data…

How to show file extensions in Windows 10?

How to show file extensions in Windows 10?

1) Open Windows File Explorer.2) Select the View tab from the Ribbon.
3) Select the “File name extensions tick” box. 4) Now you can see extensions in the name list. But do you know, how displaying file extensions can benefit you?

Rar file extension

How to Open RAR File on Windows 10 or Mac?

You can extract a RAR file online or install an app: on Windows 10 best option is 7-Zip (right-click the file > 7-Zip > Extract files). On MAC OS, the best option is the free app, Keka, which lets you uncompress and compress files. is an easy to use online tool.

How to use Keka – File Archiver for Mac

How to use Keka – File Archiver for Mac

Keka lets you uncompress and compress files on Mac. It supports various file types and has features that are hard to find on other file archivers on Mac.

Keka lets you quickly zip, unzip, encrypt with a password, divide files, and choose from several compression formats.

Keka is free if you download it directly from the developer’s website instead of the Mac App Store.

TORRENT File Extension: How to Open Torrent File?

TORRENT File Extension: How to Open Torrent File?

What Programs Open Torrent Files? By default, your operating system doesn’t recognize .torrent files. If you try to open it, you get a familiar warning or question from your operating system. To open a torrent file, you need special software, a torrent client. If you are a beginner with torrents, the most accessible clients to…

3 easy ways to open VOB files

DVD Video Object file is a video file that you will usually find in the Video_TS folder. You will find it in the root of your DVD. It can include files like videos, subtitles, Audios, and other content. You may have seen that many DVDs have copyrights so you may also find the DVD encrypted….

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Data Storage

A file refers to data stored on a hard drive or other storage medium stored as a separate entity.

For example, a sales presentation can be saved as a file, as can a slide show or photo.

Directory Structure

A directory, also known as a folder, refers to the location where files or other directories are stored.

Typical features of files

1. The file always has a name.

2. The file always takes up some storage space.

3. The file is always saved in a specific format: a text is saved in one of many text file formats, a photo in one of many photo storage formats, etc.

4. The file stores information about when it was created and when it was last modified.

5. Especially online, files are usually assigned permissions. The files are stored either on the user’s computer or the network.

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