TMP File Extension: How to Open TMP File? [Simple Steps]

TMP file is mainly connected to temporary files or folders that are used for various tasks. They are usually automatically deleted after performing their tasks, however, under various circumstances, they remain in your system.

Users face trouble with determining whether to keep this file or not because some programs may also hide their important data within a TMP file. You can check out the suitable solutions here to know how to Open TMP File on your computer.


How Can I Open TMP File?

You need suitable software from where you can Open TMP File. Without the proper software present on your computer, you will receive various error messages such as “How do you want to open this file?” or “Windows cannot open this file” or if you are using Mac/ iPhone/ Android, you will receive alert messages.

If you are unable to open your TMP file even with the right program, try to right-click on it or long-press the file and then select the “Open with” option. For your convenience, here we have mentioned some applications that convert the TMP files. If you have converted your TMP into PDF and need to know how to Open a PDF file then you can have a look at this. 

Applications to Open and Convert the TMP Files

  1. You can open the file from temporary File/Folder
  2. Apple II operating system
  3. AZZ Cardfile
  4. IMail Serve
  5. NeroAudio
  6. Norton AntiVirus Backed Up File
  7. AZZ Cardfile Text Data
  8. FileViewPro

The tmp file or folder is a special file format which you can edit only from the appropriate software.

How to Resolve Issues with Opening TMP File?

Sometimes unable to open TMP file can also be an issue with your operating system. These kinds of incompatibilities can also cause possible scenarios such as slow Windows startup, system freezes, and other similar system performance issues.

Therefore, you should always scan your system to check if there is an invalid file association that is preventing you from opening the file on your computer.

You can check out these few steps that can help you resolve the Open TMP File issue-

  1. Connect the TMP file extension with the correct application.
  2. On your Windows computer, right-click on the TMP file
  3. Then click “Open with” > “Choose another app”
  4. Then select another program and now you have to check the box that reads “Always use this app to open *.tmp files”
  5. You should always have to keep the software updated from where you are supposed to open temporary file/folders. As only the current versions support the TMP File, search for available updates on the manufacturer website.
  6. To make sure that the TMP file you are trying to access is not virus-infected or a damaged file extension. You should always scan your system with a good antivirus program for the same purpose.
windows message

When you are using a specific software application, the file automatically gets created on your computer. These files are created by some of your computer programs especially when you are running a program that is unable to allocate enough disk memory for the particular task it is working on.

TMP File Analysis Tool

The quickest and safest way to open the TMP file is simply by double-clicking on it. This allows your Windows to open the file from the proper software. In case if the file does not open, it is because you don’t have the software application installed on your computer which will open or edit the file in ease. In case your Windows can open the file, but with a wrong application, you can always change it from the Windows registry file association settings.

word error

For any invalid association issue, you can scan your Windows registry and open the tmp1 file from one of the software mentioned below-

  • FileViewPro* (free trial)
  • IMail Server Web Messaging

You can take help from the TMP File Analysis Tool that scans, analyzes, and reports every issue you have with your TMP file. It quickly analyzes your file and detects any potential error and within a few seconds, it will present the information to you. You can learn what type of file format your TMP file is and what the applications that are associated with your program.

temp file

At the same time, you will learn every information about your file such as the owner of the file, the safety status, and various other useful information. To begin the free analysis of the software, simply drag-n-drop the file inside the TMP File Analysis Tool after you install it from a safe and trusted internet website.

You can also run the tool on your computer, and click on Browse My Computer to select your file. Give the tool sometimes and the analysis report will be shown to you after the process is done.

Install the TMP File Repair Tool

If there is an issue with your Windows computer, you can download and install the file repair tool from the internet. The tool is designed to diagnose various Windows issues and at the same time, it increases system performance, optimizes memory, improves security, and tune your computer for maximum reliability.

microsoft word open repair

Open TMP File Using the Notepad Application

Depending on the file type, temporary files may not be readable, still, you can try out these simple steps to try to open the file from the Notepad application on your Windows computer.

  1. Right-click on the .tmp file that you are trying to access
  2. Then select “Open.”
  3. You will see a list of available programs
  4. Select the “Notepad” application from there
  5. Finally, click on “Accept”
open file variants

You can use MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint to open the file also. However, in this case, you might have to rename the file extension tmp with .doc or .docx; .xls or .xlsx; .ppt or .pptx etc. If you are known of any other application that can also help the users with accessing the file type, you can share your thoughts in the comment box below. Also, don’t forget to ask us any questions related to how to Open TMP File.

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