How to Open Doc & Docx File – Open Word File Online

.Doc extension files are basically Microsoft office documents. Microsoft used this format back in the year of 2003 and now the extension named has changed into .docx file extensions.

Microsoft Word is basically used for viewing and editing your documents that can contain simple texts or texts with images, tables, and charts as well. You can also add other supported things on your word document if required. Docx file extension differs from many compresses and other file types such as Zip archives and XML.These types of mentioned files can store your contents when DOCX is unable to do so.

Many people have Microsoft Office Word installed on their computers, yet there are some who do not. What if you don’t have purchased the MS Office package? Shouldn’t you be able to open the docs file? Don’t worry, MS Word is not the only program that supports DOCS, there are many other software you can rely upon while trying to edit your word documents. We will talk about those applications, but before that, let’s see how to convert a Doc file.

Open Doc File or Convert it to Other Formats

If you don’t have a suitable application on your computer which will open the document file for you, then you don’t have to worry. You can simply convert the word document into another format from software that supports it. Google Docs or Kingsoft Writer can easily save or convert your word document into a different format.

If you are looking to convert your Doc file into DOCX format, then you will have to use a different file converter option. As an example, we would recommend you the Zamzar website that allows you to upload your word document and then provide you with so many options to convert the file into some other file type. There are also some free converters available on the internet that allow you to convert your DOCS file into other file types like PDF or JPEG.

If you are looking for an alternative to Zamar, you can go for FileZigZag. It is also a free online tool that allows you saving your documents in various of other types of file formats including PDF, JPEG, RTF, HTML (web), TXT, ODT, etcetera.

Now let’s learn how you can open docx’ file on your computer in a very less time.

Use Google Docs

Google Documents is an application powered by Google. It is a very useful tool that lets you save your documents online. You can create your word documents with Google Docs and save them on your online Google Drive without having to spend memory storage from your computer. This tool is used by worldwide Google users. You can upload your document to Google Docs and view them from anywhere in the world. Just go to your Google Drive and upload the word document on the website from your system’s hard drive.

Word Online

If you are looking for a good Microsoft Office Word alternative, then we would suggest you Word Online. With it you can read documents that are in the DOCS or DOCX format. This online tool is full of features, however, you always need a Microsoft account to use this MS Word alternative. With a Microsoft account, you need to upload the docs file on your free online storage, OneDrive. You can open your word document without compromising on anything of it. Let’s have a look at a few steps below-

  • Copy the .Docs or .Docx file from your File Explorer. (Simply press Ctrl + C or use the right-click option)
  • Open your OneDrive (make sure you have a Microsoft account) and select a location to save the document.
  • Paste the file on that folder
  • Now you have to open the Microsoft Word Online doc viewer tool and for that, you will need to provide your Microsoft login details
  • Check the bottom end area where you will get an option to open files from OneDrive. If you click on it, it will show you the documents.
  • In case of inability of viewing the document, go to menu, click on Files and you will the exact location where your file has been saved.
  • After finding the file, simply click on it edit it with the online editor.

Microsoft Office Word

Micrsoft Office Word Viewer too lets you open docs files very easily. But this tool only enables you to view the file. If you want to edit your document, you can go with the one we have mentioned previously. This tool is suitable for almost every version of word document including Docs and Docx. In case you need to edit texts, then just view the file from this application and copy-paste it on another application. if you have downloaded an AI file then you can open AI file using adobe illustrator software. 

Open Doc_File With Online Document Viewer

Online Document Viewer does not require any application like Kingsoft Office or MS Office to view .docs extensions. This is simply a web-based service where you can upload your document and view it in no more than a few seconds. This online tool is not only capable of viewing Docs files, but also can view .Docx (word), .XLS, XLSX (Excel), .PPT, .PPTX (PowerPoint), etc.

Furthermore, this online viewer tool won’t ask you for any active plugins, however, you must have a supported web browser. This documents viewer support every kinds of web browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Micrsoft Edge, etc. Just open your browser, go to the viewer website and upload the document. You can read the .docs file online without much effort and if you need to share the file with anyone, you can also do so. This docs viewer also allows the users to collaborate with other users and share the file with people who have a good internet access. For proving the most popular and smart features, Online Document Viewer is one of the most appreciated MS Office alternatives.

That’s all we know about how Open Doc File on PC. But we would like to know more from you. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment below.

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