CRDOWNLOAD File Extension: How to open CRDownload File?

Google Chrome users often encounter the .crdownload extension in their download directory. This extension is automatically created by Google Chrome each time when you start downloading a file.

After your downloads are completed successfully, the file extensions are automatically renamed. However, if during the download you encounter an error, it can be left as it is.

However, most of the users have complained that they are unable to open the file on their PC. We will explain here what are these CRdownload file extensions and how to Open CRdownload File on your computer.

What is a CRdownload File?

Files that are named as .crdownload file extensions are generally connected with your Google Chrome web browser. The files with this extension, store the contents of partial file downloads that you have downloaded from Google Chrome browser. When your Chrome is downloading a file from the internet, the incomplete download progress will be saved with the .crdownload extension until the file is successfully downloaded. Once you successfully download the file, it will be renamed.

Why Does Chrome Create These Files?

Google Chrome creates these files for your download. Suppose you are downloading a file named lolipop.mp3 on your computer, in your downloads folder you will find the file named as  lolipop.mp3.crdownload. The more the download progress goes, the more the size of the file will increase. When Chrome completes the download, it will automatically remove the .crdownload suffix from its name.

You might find these kinds of issues in .RAR and .TMP files also. However, there are ways available through which you can open these files easily. You need to go through the complete method to open RAR and TMP files.

When you download files from other browsers, you will see that the browser puts the incomplete file in a different folder and when the download is completed, the browser will replace the file on your download folder. But Chrome simply stores the incomplete downloaded file in your downloads folder. When you see this kind of files in your downloads folder, you can simply check out the downloads list in your Chrome. Or you can check out the bottom of the Chrome window. If the file is in the downloading progress, don’t delete it. Let your Chrome finish the download progress.

file extension crdownload ,

However, if you don’t want to download the file, you can delete it and your browser will automatically delete the file from your download folder.

Chrome is Not Downloading Anything, However, You Are Still Seeing This File

You can see a .crdownload file in your folder, but your Chrome is not necessarily downloading anything at the moment. In this case, you can open the downloading list on your Chrome and you may find that your download is incomplete. That indicates that your Chrome was up to downloading a file but an error occurred such as interrupted internet connection or the server is not responding. If you pause the download and resume it later, Chrome will keep the .crdownload file in your download folder.

CRdownload file reader

You can also press the Summarize button that will help Chrome summarize your incomplete downloaded file where it is left off and will afterward add the rest of the file to the .crdownload extension. However, sometimes summarizing does not work, and in that case, you might have to redo the downloading process.

When Can You Delete the .CrDownload File?

You can always delete the file if you want to. If you think that no download is in progress or you don’t want the file that you are downloading, you can go ahead to delete it. It is simply an incomplete file in your downloads folder that you don’t need, hence you can delete it to save your computer memory. If you see an old file in your downloads folder then maybe you do not clean your downloads folder regularly.

file extension crdownload ,

If you see a .crdownload file in your download folder then either the file is still in the download progress or the download was incomplete. You can go to the download manager of Chrome and then you can retry the download.

How to Open the Chrome CRDownload File?

If you are not being able to open the file on your computer, then the download is not complete. So go to Google Chrome download manager again and retry the download. If that still does not help, please install a Chrome Download viewer from the internet. Let’s have a look at the few features of CRDownload Reader.

CRDownload Reader Overview

Chrome CRDownload file reader helps you in opening the partially downloaded file from any Google Chrome web browser version. It detects the contents of the file and can copy the available original URL. Mentioned below are the highlighted features of the CRdownload reader tool.

  • You can open and view CRDownload File
  • Can copy the original download URL
  • Can resume & start download easily
  • You can also read the CRDownload File Contents
  • Search and explore the CRDownload File Information
  • Supports Windows OS up to Version 10

The tool also provides default file opener for reading over 300 different file extensions. You can open any type of file formats including images, text, data, email format, and archive files etc. You can also open any type of extension regardless of size. The application comes with a simple graphical interface where you can access CRDownload file easily and quickly.

Simple Steps to Open CRDownload File

Here are some simple steps that you can perform to Open CRdownload File:

  1. Run the tool on your PC and select the CR file to open
crdownload file

2. View the CRdownload file with the required essential information

3. Copy the URL

crdownload file

4. Resume and restart the download

5. Next, click on File Content to preview the downloaded file in the raw format.

Check out some of the frequently asked questions about the CRdownload file reader.

How to Open CRdownload File easily?

Run the CRDownload viewer tool and click on the file to easily view it.

Is the tool compatible with all Windows OS?

You can run the tool on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc.

Can I open any other file with the tool?

You can open view graphics images, text, data, email format, and archive files with the tool.

That’s all. However, if you have any question, you can let us know in the comment box below. 

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