Easy ways to Open XLS File On Windows PC

.XLS file extension is related to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. This version of Excel was in use in the year of 97-2003. In the later version of MS Excel, the default format is changed from XLS to XLSX format, but in the custom change, you can also save the file as XLS file extension. Similarly, if you have received a spreadsheet that is in the XLS format, then you can edit it and rename the extension from XLS to XLSX, manually. In case you are wondering that renaming the file extension will harm the data within it, then don’t worry. It does not, your data will be untouched but the extension will be changed.

XLS files store data that can be opened from a suitable application. The spreadsheet manages those data in rows and columns and supports texts in many formats, supports images & charts, and many other appropriate designs. If the Excel files support Macros, then the extension of those files will be .XLSM file extension.


How to Open XLS File-

You can open these types of files from your computer’s Microsoft Excel software. No matter what version of Excel you are using, you can open and edit those files easily. Furthermore, even if you don’t have the Microsoft Excel application installed on your computer, you can open your file extension xls easily with the help of Microsoft Excel Viewer. This application allows you to print your XLS files and copy data from them easily without any cost. There are so many alternatives available for MS Excel that are free as well as proper functioning. You can use Kingsoft Spreadsheets or OpenOffice Calc- both of these application let users open and edit Excel spreadsheets for free and very easily.

Opening XLS files becomes even easier when you use an online tool or services. For example, you can use Google Chrome and add the Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides plug-in to your Chrome. This Chrome extension is available on Chrome store for free and lets the users edit and open xlsx’ file without having to download them on your disk storage.

You can do all these from your web browser, just go online and view or edit your files by dragging them on to your Chrome browser. However, if you save these files on your device after editing them with Chrome, then most probably the files will use the latest extension i.g- XLSX format.


How to Open Open XLS’ File Online

Chrome web browser is the most-used internet browser in the world. But there is nothing to worry about if you are not using Chrome. You can still view or edit your XLS files from other online tools which are also available for free. For example, you can use Zoho Sheet tool which is free and lets you open + edit your XLS sheets. Unlike Microsoft Excel Online, you don’t need to create an account to work with Zoho. You can simply visit the website and upload your file then you start editing them instantly.

You can also use DocsPal online XLS File documents viewer. With this service, you can only view your file, but if you are looking to edit, then this won’t help. The service works on any browser and operating system. You can also convert your XLS files into other file extensions, and for that, you have to read the following section.



How to Convert XLS Files to Other File Extensions

You can always open the XLS file with its appropriate software and then save the file extension to a different name. This one is the easiest method to convert your XLS files into another file extension. There are other formats that can help you change the extension of your XLS file, these formats include CSV, PDF, XPS, XML, TXT, XLSX, PRN, and so on. In case you don’t want to install any converter, then you can simply use online services like Zamar. Open its page from your web browser and you are ready to convert XLS files to MDB, ODS and many other formats including the ones that are used in images-  JPG and PNG, etc.

However, if you want to edit the data within your XLS files into another well-structured format, then Mr. Data Converter can help you. As it is a free online tool, it provides you many files types as well to convert your XLS files. You can convert your XLS file into other file types such as XLS, CSV, XML, JSON, and numerous other file formats.

Now that opening and editing XLS files become easy for you, let’s check out how to unlock an XLS file if it is protected with a passcode.


Unlocking XLS Files in Simple Ways

Users often times protect their XLS files using the password protection from MS Excel. In case you have received an XLS file and now you are trying to open it, but you can’t because it is password protected, then you can simply try to crack the passcode of the file. You can use the same application i.g Microsoft Excel to remove the password from the XLS file. But sometimes users forget their own password that they have used to protect the XLS file from other users’ login. What would you do if the same case is yours?

There are so many free password recovery tools available on the internet. Search online and choose one (before downloading the tool, make sure that your system meets all the requirements. Otherwise the tool will misbehave on your computer, let alone cracking your XLS password.) With those types of applications, you can open XLS files that requires “password to open”. One such password recovery tool that we know is Excel password recovery wizard which is free and will crack the passcode in less than a minute.

If you are okay with paid software, then Excel Password Recovery Lastic can be an easy option for you. By reading all these instructions and perform them accordingly, you are able to Open XLS File. However, if you are still in confusion and need help, please drop us a comment below.