What is Bak File | How to Open Bak File?

Bak File is a backup file which is stored in your desk storage or memory storage by several application programs. The purpose of creating a file extension bak is simply to keep a backup of one or two files. And most of the times the backup files are created automatically by the programs that feel like storing a backup. A backup can also be done from a web browser to back up search histories, bookmarks, and MS SQL databases. The programs and web browsers store these backups on a single file on your disk storage. When you uninstall a program, you can use those backups to restore your previous sessions after reinstalling it. By this way, you can easily handle your programs’ databases.


What is Bak File Extension

First, go to your computer’s file manager and from there find the bak file which you are trying to understand or view. Not all the time’s backup files are get created by programs. Sometimes users manually create bak files to keep a back up of the tasks if they don’t want to change anything of the program but still want to edit it. If you don’t move the file from its original folder but still want to make changes to it, with new data, you will find the same file with a .bak extension. This also happens when users don’t delete the files altogether but still keep it on recycle bin or another folder for future purposes.

If you find any file with a unique extension such as file~, file.old, file.orig, and so on, they are also a kind of backup files. These files are stored on your computer to help certain applications Open Bak File.

Open Bak File Easily

First, you have to understand where did you get the Bak File from. If you see a program’s name is associated with .Bak extension, then you can be assured that that program has created the Bak file. If you find the answer to this simple question, then opening the backup file will be easier. You will also have to understand that not one program can help you open the bak file on your device. Surely, the bak file is openable, but like other types of file formats, you can’t choose a suitable application which will allow you to open the file. For example, if you talk about .Docs extensions- you can open those files from any program that supports viewing or editing documents.

Most of the Autodesk programs use Bak files to back up their databases on your computer. However, you cannot expect another program to open the Bak file for you. You will have to find out in the first hand that which program has created that file and then you can ask the program to open that file. But that depends on various circumstances. You cannot open Bak file whenever you want to, you can do this only when the software that has created the file, needs to restore the backup. Or when you have reinstalled the software and you need to restore the backup.

However, if you change the file extension name to another extension, then there is a chance that you will be able to open the file with a program that supports the new type of extension. If you are curious on how to Open Bak File with a new extension, please follow the instructions listed here-

  1. Open-File Explorer and find the backup file and then you have to change the file extension name
  2. Change the extension from.Bak to the extension of the application which you think has created the file.
  3. For example, if you see the file extension is xyzPDF.bak and you are sure that it is a PDF file, then change the name as xyzPDF.pdf.
  4. The .PDF extension means that you can open the file from a PDF viewer.
  5. Now if you double-click on the file, it will help you open it with the associated application.

If your program does not need this bak file, it will automatically delete them and you won’t find them on your disk storage.

User-Created Bak Extension

Most of the times these types of files are created automatically by the programs that you are using for their operation purpose. As said earlier, while attempting to edit such sort of files, that are renamed of the original ones. In case this is not comprehensive enough, we are giving you an example- suppose you are making edits on your system driver, it usually asks you to create a back up of the data. So that means you are creating a .bak extension of that file which has the same value and data and is stored in the same location but is easily distinguishable from the original file.

So when an issue arises, you can delete your original file and rename the backup by deleting the original one by removing the .BAK extension. This action will allow your computer to use the proper value of the data.

How to Convert Bak File Extension

Unlike other file formats, these files are not really convertible. But you can use a text editor to see what is inside the file. Free text editors help you opening files in text formats and there are so many applications available on the internet that will help you do the job. Notepad is a text editor that comes in every Windows versions. So you can use that one to see what metadata it has within it. Sometimes these Bak files are come out as Zip folders or archives.

So in that case, you can use some free software like 7-Zip or PeaZip to see that kind of data it has within the folder.

Due to various system errors, your applications are unable to restore data from your Bak files. So in that case, if you use a free Bak file repair tool, that will help you in repairing your Bak files. These types of tools can also help you in boosting your system performance. If you have a good suggestion of these type of repairing tools, please share them in the comment box below. Also, make sure to ask us if you have any query regarding Open Bak File.