EML File Extension: How to Open EML File? (Simple Steps)

Users sometimes face troubles while trying to Open EML File on their Windows, in your case, you can try out a few things to cope in this situation. The situations occur when you have received an EML file from your friends or colleagues but you can’t open it with a certain program.

Or the email application from where you are trying to open it does not support the actions you want to take with it. In some other cases, the EML files are backup files situated on your drive and users try to open it with a specific program but errors occur.

Open EML File

What Are EML Files?

Among all the other extensions, there are some files that contain .eml extensions. These types of file extensions are generally sent and received through POP3 email programs and that commonly associated with Outlook which is developed by Microsoft. However, in some cases, other email programs can also create these types of files.

EML files comprise contents that you send or receive through Outlook Express or other email software. These email messages can also include image or document attachments that you sent to a recipient with an original message through your email application. Sometimes EML files contain hyperlinks or other types of linked attachments apart from the image and document files. And sometimes the EML files can only contain simple texts and nothing else.

How to Open EML Files?

You can Open EML File on your computer easily, and there are two ways that will help you to do that. First of all, you can open an email application first and then you can open the EML file from there. You can also change the basic settings of the file so that the moment you are double-clicking on the file, your Windows will open it in a program that you have selected. If you have more than one EML file viewer installed on your computer, then you might want to open it in a specific application. This will enable you to view or edit your EML file in whatever software you like. But allowing your Windows to open it from just one software will restrict you from that function, though you can change it from your settings anytime you want. Just right-click on the file and choose the application from where you want to open that file.

Here are some easy methods to open EML file from your Windows computer.

Open EML File Extension Manually

There are two simple ways you can open EML file. If the first method does not work out, then you can always go ahead to try out the next one. Now, just check out the few easy steps to open your file extension EML manually.

  • First of all, find out the EML file extension which you want to open. You can go to your Windows file explorer and locate the file.
  • After finding it, simply right-click on the EML file. It can be an attachment file folder or a simple file.
  • You can select it to save it in a different folder from where you can easily find it
  • Now open the EML file viewer program from where you want to open or edit the file.
  • And drag the EML extension directly on to your EML file viewer

This will help you open and read the contents within the EML file. But if the dragging and dropping option does not help, you can import the file directly into your email software. Just navigate your cursor to the File menu and find the Open button. Some software programs also have the Import option. Just hit the button and browse for the EML file. After selecting the file, you can open it easily in that way. However, if this method does not help, please go ahead and try the other.

Change System Settings

If there is no specific program viewer set for a specific file extension, then your Windows will ask you to choose one every time you try to open the file. The primary software that can open the EML file is basically Microsoft’s Outlook. However, software programs like Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, Microsoft Office Home, and Business – English, etc. programs can also open or view the EML file (as per users review). So if you want to open an EML file from your desired software application, you have to give that permission to your Windows computer.

Mozilla Thunderbird Open EML File

For instance, if you want to open your EML file from Mozilla Thunderbird, then simply right-click on the file from your file manager and move your cursor to the Open With option. From there you will be able to see the list of applications that are capable of viewing or editing the EML file. Choose Mozilla Thunderbird if you want it to open the EML file on your desktop, choose Microsoft Office Home if you want to open the file with it.

Helpful Information About the EML File

Since EML files are mostly sent and received via online email applications and different users send it to one another, it can be infected with a virus. So always try to keep your system away from possible malware or other virus attacks. Scan the file before downloading or scan it after downloading it.

In case you want to re-connect your EML files with Outlook, then there are some extra steps you might have to take-

  • Open your command prompt window. You have to change the directory of the EML file to the folder where your Outlook Express is situated.
  • And to do that type the command- cd“C: Program FilesOutlook Express”
  • After entering the previous command, hit Enter from your keyboard and type msimn /reg

Now your EML file is associated with the Microsoft Outlook software once again. However, if you have received a .download extension file from chrome then it can be because of incomplete download. once the download process will complete, chrome will change its extension automatically. However, you can open a download file using the browser itself.

Please tell us in the comment box below if you have any software suggestions for how to Open EML File. And also, do not forget to ask us if you have any query related to the same.

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