How to Open PDF File?- View PDF File [Easy Steps]

The full name of the PDF is Portable Document Format which is developed by Adobe Systems. PDF files can contain images, texts, interactive buttons, hyperlinks, embedded fonts, videos, and more.

Product manuals, eBooks, job offer letters, brochures, flyers, scanned documents, and some other sort of documents are available in PDF format. Since PDF files don’t rely on any software to be opened from or on any particular operating system type, they look the same no matter from where you open them.

Here we will discuss everything about the Open PDF File thing, from how to Open PDF File to how to convert a PDF file, you can get all the related information that you are looking for.

How to Open PDF File

Most of the time, people open the pdf_ file from  Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader has created the standard PDF format from where you can create PDF files for free. This program comes with lots of features that we don’t always need and moreover, people get confused about its functions when it comes to the features. You can open PDF files from web browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox etc. However, you might or might not need an extension to open the PDF file from an internet browser. Whenever you are trying to open a PDF online, you can do it from these browsers so that you won’t have to install any other application for this job.

Still, if you are looking for any other PDF reader that contains smart features, you can try out SumatraPDF or MuPDF. Both of these applications are free. In case you need software to open the APK file then you can use APK extractor Pro or open TMP file you can use the AZZ card file. These software’s are very easy to use.

Open PDF- File in Windows 7

PDF files support both Mac and Windows systems as well as Android and iOS smartphones. There are some certain applications that you can install on your Windows to open PDF files, here we have mentioned some of them-

  1. Free File Viewer
  2. Foxit Reader
  3. PDF Complete Special Edition
  4. Expert PDF Reader
  5. RocketPDF

If you have other recommendations from where users can open a PDF file, please feel free to share them with us. Meanwhile, let’s check out if we can open any PDF file from other software programs as well.

Open PDF File with PDF Reader

Open any PDF software program on your device, suggestively Adobe Reader and then click on  File menu from the left-top side of the window. After that, select Open and Browse to the location where your PDF file is. Then select the PDF file which you want to open and click the Open button again to open the file.

Open PDF File with Windows Explorer

When you install a PDF reader on your computer, any PDF which is connected to that reader will open it when you double-click on the PDF. First, open Windows Explorer or my computer and find the PDF file that you want to open. Just double-click on the PDF file and open it on Adobe Reader.

If you have installed a new PDF reader, but your PDF automatically opens in another program, you can set your new program as the default PDF reader. Alternatively, you can also right-click on the file and select the PDF reader you want to use.

How to Edit A PDF File?

You can simply edit your PDF from Adobe Acrobat, MS Word also does the job fine. There are some other PDF editors too, that can help you edit the files and a few of them include  PhantomPDF and Nitro Pro. FormSwift’s Free PDF Editor, PDFescape, DocHub, and PDF Buddy are free online PDF editors.

With these PDF editors, you can fill out forms and do some other essential jobs. Just upload your PDF on the website and add images, text, signatures, links, or do whatever you like. After you are done with editing, just download it back to your computer as a PDF file again.

Fill is a great PDF editor for you if you want to add a signature to your PDF. Moreover, it also supports checkboxes, dates, and regular text but unlike other PDF editors, you cannot edit texts or fill out forms.

Converting a PDF File

Converting PDF to another file format means they will no longer remain a PDF and then you can open those files from another program instead of a PDF reader. For example, if you open your PDF file in Microsoft Word, you will no longer be using a PDF, but the program will convert your file to DOC or DOCX. After converting a .PDF file into docs, you will have to open that file from a word document program such as OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

Instead of using a PDF editor, you can simply convert your PDF to .doc file format, and then you can edit them whenever you want to. And then you can use a free PDF creator tool that will convert your images, eBooks, and Microsoft Word documents into PDF again and then you can open that file from a PDF or eBook reader again.

Securing a PDF

Securing a PDF means you have to set up a password that will protect the PDF from being accessed by other users than you. It also includes preventing other users from printing the PDF, copying its text, adding comments, inserting pages, and do other things with the file.

With some software applications like Soda PDF, FoxyUtils, PrimoPDF, and FreePDF Creator, etc. you can change the security options of the file.

How to Unlock a PDF?

Securing a PDF with a password is a thing, but users often end up forgetting their passwords. In that case, you won’t be able to access your own file. You can use a free PDF password removal tool from the internet and remove the password to access the file again.

Also, let us know if you need any help with Open PDF File on your Windows computer or on some other device. We will try to get back to you with the most important solutions possible.

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