.MKV file extension- What is and how to open?

MKV is an abbreviation of Matroska multimedia container. These files are used to contain different media and images and in the container format.

Other than that, you may also find subtitles in videos and audios. People generally use this format to store clips, movies, or TV shows. This file format was introduced in 2002 and it is open-source. There are many similarities between MKV format and MOV format and all of these are used to store audio, images, and videos.

You may also find this format very common when you download or view any anime. For anime, many people need to add subtitles and hence, people prefer using MKV format because that makes it easier for them to add subtitles. You can find these files with .mkv extension.

If you do not know how to open an Mkv file, we have got you covered. We have provided a list of all the software that you can use to open the mkv file on your system. We have mentioned programs for almost every operating system. Read the full article to know more.

Programs that can open MKV file

Microsoft Movies and TV

How to open MKV file

The first on our list is Microsoft movies and TV. You can download the application from the internet and use it to binge-watch movies or watch TV. You do not have to pay for any subscriptions in this software. You will have to visit the official website and you can download the program for free. You have to select the operating system you are using and then you have to install it on your system once it is completely downloaded. Create or your account or login with your credentials. You can then get started to watch videos on the system.

CyberLink PowerDVD

Open MKV file on Windows

Another application on our list is CyberLink PowerDVD. This is one of the advanced software used to play videos in HD, Blu0ray, DVD formats. Also, using this software, you can manage media easily and you can search, share your video from the application. There is a variety of formats that this application supports in both audio and video including the mkv file format. There are different types of subscription plans according to which you can decide that for which plan you want to go. You can also decide and make a playlist of your favourite video or audio and add some data about them.


Open MKV file

The next application on our list is Nero. This application is designed to let its users burn, edit, play, organize and back up the video and audio files that they want. This software is also not free, there are different subscription plans available. You can choose according to your choice and need. Using the application you can put different transition effects in your video to make it more interesting. Other than this, you can also use the application to stream videos on your mobile phone. The application is supported by every operating system and you can use it to open Mkv file on any system.

DivX Software

how to open MKV on windows

This is one of the common software that people use to watch videos. You can watch high-quality videos on this software. You will have to visit the website of the software to download the application on your system. You will have to then decide whether you want to download it for mac or windows. Select the appropriate option and then you have to wait for the download to complete. Follow the steps appearing on your screen and complete the installation process. You can then use it to watch different videos on your system.

VideoLAN VLC Media player

how to open MKV file on Mac

Another common program that you can use to open an Mkv file is a VLC media player. Almost everyone has heard about it and have downloaded it on their system. The software is free to use and you can get it from the official website. You will have to select the operating system and download it on your system. Install it and start it to watch video files on the system. Also, you can convert the file to some other format using this software if you want. The user interface provided is quite simple and easy to navigate through.


open MKV file on Mac

This is the next application on our list. You can use this application on any operating system and it is easily available over the internet. It is open-source software that is used to play media on your device. You can also customize the interface according to you and a source code if you want to modify anything. Also, there are different output arrays included that can help you to optimize your experience with the software. In case you opt for a recommended software at the time of downloading, you might not get GUI. You may also rely on unofficial sources to download the application on your system.

Hand Brake

convert and open mkv file

This is the last software on the list. This software is compatible with almost every operating system and is free to use. It is open-source software that you can download easily from the internet. You can also use the software to convert a file from one format to another. You will have to go to the official website and download the application according to the operating system that you are using after installing; you will have to start the software. You will then have to convert the file using the software and then open the file.

If you are not able to open MKV file in the software that we have mentioned, you can try to convert the file into some other video format. You can download the converter from the internet and install it on your system. You will then have to wait for the conversion process to complete. After deleting the original file, you will have to open the converted file. Your file will then be opened.

Hopefully, all the programs that we have mentioned above will solve your purpose of opening the MKV file on your system. We hope that we have provided you with accurate and precise information required by you. Hopefully, the article helps.

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