In simple words, Torrent files are just a combination of different information, nothing more, nothing less. Torrent files do not provide you the actual files that you want to download on your computer, it simply directs you towards the users who have the torrent file on their computer. Torrent provides you the information about how to download your desired content through the BitTorrent P2P network. Torrent is so much like URL, that leads you towards the source of your data so that you can download it. But if the location of the file is not currently available on the internet, you will be unable to download it.

Torrent files contain details like name, location, size, etc, but however, it lacks the actual data. We are going to talk about two types of torrent files here and will likewise tell you how to Open Torrent File.


Open Torrent File- Don’t Forget VPN

Our internet browsing is always visible to our service providers (ISP). If your internet service provider is not loyal, they can collect your data and hand them to other third-party services. Therefore, you should always need to keep your data safe from third-party access. While downloading or browsing on Torrent, your private data can be at a huge risk. As it is a global site where many people come and go every day, you should always use a Virtual Private Network service to protect your data and IP address from third-parties. 

If you have downloaded a .DWG file or .DOC file then you can open DWG file on windows and mac using the eDrawing viewer. while you can open Doc file using Google Docs on your browser itself.

ExpressVPN is one of the most used VPN service providers in the world. It encrypts your internet connection, changes your IP address, and also protect your device from various malicious attacks.


How to View Torrent Files In Simple Steps

Have you downloaded a torrent file and now you don’t know how to open it? Or you have no idea what to do with the downloaded torrent files on your computer? Whatever it is, you are getting the most comprehensive answer here.

If you have downloaded a .torrent file from one of the most popular torrent websites on the internet, then you should see that these types of files are very small in bytes and won’t take more than a few seconds to download it. But these files are just some set of information and you need to download the required files after opening the file extension torrent. Let’s find out how-

You Need a Torrent Client First

No matter what type of operating system you are using, torrent files do not get recognized by your computer. They will get recognized once you download a specialized software that is torrent client. So firstly, download a torrent client from the internet and install it on your computer. The most popular torrent application at the moment is uTorrent. You can visit its official website and download the application for free.

Configure the Torrent Client

After downloading and installing Torrent client, you have to configure it first. Even though the software is very easy to use, a few settings will make it easier.

  • Launch Utorrent and open Options > Preferences
  • From the General options window, you can enable the option which will start uTorrent each time you start your computer.

  • Here, click on Directories and select the location where you want to keep the downloaded torrents

  • Click on Connection and enable UPnP port mapping to make your download faster like your internet connection

  • To set a maximum upload and download rate, you can click on the Bandwidth option

If you use a broadband connection, make sure to set a certain rate so that you can continue web browsing without an issue.

Download Torrent File

Now that you have cleared the above two stages, finally, it’s time to manage torrent files and download data from those files. All you have to do is just visiting a popular torrent site and pick your desired download. In most of the cases, the torrent files are downloaded on your desktop. In other cases, your torrent files will automatically be opened on your computer so that you can begin your download. You can always double-click on the torrent file to open it on the torrent client that you have installed. But for now, just wait for your download to be completed.


Open Torrent Files That are Downloaded

Now that you have successfully downloaded your desired torrent, you will need to open them anyhow. There are numerous file extensions that people download from torrent, and each one of them contains some individual techniques to get opened. Here we will take a quick glance at a few file types and the guide on how to open them.


Most of the times users end up encountering Archive folders which are also called Zip. these folders contain various other files into a single folder. You can easily extract these files by using a free utility from the internet.

EXE Files

Applications and games mostly use .exe extensions and to open them, you will need to have suitable applications. For example, if you have downloaded an 123scy.exe file on your computer, without a suitable application, you won’t be able to open the file on your computer.


MP4, MKV, MPC-HC are basically video formats. You can open these types of file from your default media player. However, not every media player support every kind of files. You can download and install VLC Media player which is free, fast, and feature-rich. With this media player, you can add subtitles on your videos as well.

BIN, CDR Files

Sometimes games contain these types of extensions, these are also called ISO files. These are basically images files that are actual physical disk copies and both your Mac OS and Windows can recognize these types of files. So when you double-click on these types of files, your computer will open the file on a suitable application without doing much of a hassle.

Overall, how to Open Torrent File is not that much of hard work. Still, some will have questions and if you are facing any issue, you can feel free to drop us a comment below.

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