Open JPG File- What is a JPG File & How to open it?

JPG files are image file extensions that many operating systems and photographs use to display image files on your monitor screen. The JPG files are also known as JPEG file format and the full name of JPEG is Joint Photographic Experts Group.

Sometimes you can even notice that many bitmap image files are also saved in the JPEG format extension, that is because it becomes easier to compress the image files and thus you can easily download those files and use them on various purposes.

Open JPG File

The JPG format is used to compress an image file and it makes the file as small as possible so that it becomes easier to upload on the web. Most of the time JPEG files are high resolution images with a very small file size and they are mostly available on the internet. If you have downloaded a JPG file and now having a confusion on how to Open JPG File, then just double-click on the image file and your computer’s default program will open it on you display screen.

How to Open JPG File on Windows?

Since it is the most used image file format, it can be opened from almost every image viewers. To open jpeg file on your Windows computer, simply follow the following-

  • First of all, when you are trying to download a file extension jpeg, just right-click on the file and select Save Picture As
  • Go to your Downloads folder and open the JPEG file simply by double-clicking on to it or by right-clicking and selecting Preview
  • When you select the Preview option, your Windows will automatically open the image file on the default application.
  • You can click on the Edit option to edit the file
Save Picture As

You can also open an image file on your web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome. The technique is simple, just drag and drop the image file on your browser and view it. Your Microsoft Windows version always comes with built-in applications like paint, Windows Photo viewer, etc. So whenever you click on the image file, your system will open it in one of the in-built programs. Similarly, if you are on Mac, then the two most popular software Apple Photos and Apple Preview help the users open jpg_b t file.

open jpg' file

Other Applications That Can Open JPG’ File

There are some other applications and online services available that are also able to open JPG file. Applications like Adobe Photoshop and GIMP can help users opening the image file on your computer. On the other hand, Google Drive also supports JPEG files, viewing and editing as well.

 file extension jpeg

This is not only Windows or Mac that supports opening JPEG files, but smartphones from various platforms support opening JPEG files too. If you are trying to open the JPG file that you have received from an email or via text message, you can view them from that application without any other specific software. However, users sometimes unable to open the image file on their computer. This happens when your device is unable to recognize the file extension. For example, sometimes some software can open a .JPG file on your device without having a problem. But the same application is unable to open the.JPEG file which is also the same. So here, you can change the file extension name and try to open the file again with the same application.

open jpg_b t file

Differences Between .JPG & .JPEG

The only difference between JPG and JPEG is that JPEG contains an E while JPG doesn’t. Both of these formats are same and support Joint Photographic Experts Group, however, the extension name varies on the different versions of Windows. Earlier when Windows versions was first introduced, the JPEG file format was used to describe image files. But later Microsoft has decided that no file extension name would exceed more than 3 letters. That’s why the E letter was deducted from the JPEG file format, leaving it as JPG extension. However, for Mac OS, their is no such rules.

open _jpg file

The both of these file extensions were used by these two operating systems. While Windows ended the requirement of JPEG file extension, Mac is still using it. Therefore, these two file extensions are now still in use. Furthermore, though the extension names are changed, the formats are still the same. So if you change the extension name from one to another, the data and functionalities of the file will remain intact.

How to Convert JPEG File?

There are two ways users convert their JPEG or JPG file. If you have an image viewer/ or the in-built image viewer, you can use that tool to edit your image file and change its format. Or else, there are many online file converter tools available that you can use. You can go and search for  FileZigZag on the web. It is an online file converter that helps users converting JPG or JPEG files to various other file extensions such as PNG, TGA, TIF/TIFF, GIF, DPX, YUV, BMP, and PCX.


With the help of Zamar, you can even convert your JPG files to Microsoft Word document format such as DOC or DOCX. You can also go for Zamar if you want to convert your JPG file to other extensions like ICO, PDF, PS, and WEBP. In case you are trying to convert your file to an MS word document and for that, you are looking to change your extension, then you don’t have to convert the file in the first hand. You can use the in-built INSERT > Pictures that will attach the JPEG directly on to the document without much effort.

Similarly, your Microsoft Paint application can convert your JPG file to many other formats such as BMP, DIB, PNG, TIFF, and so on and for that, you have to click on the File > Save as option, simply. If you want to convert a PDF file into the JPEG format, then you can take help from an online service as well. Just like JPEG, DWG also contains vector image data and one can open DWG file using applications like AutoCAD, DraftSight, etc.

Overall, converting or trying to Open JPG File is not that difficult. Still, if you need any help, please let us know in the comment box below.

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