SWF File Extension: How to Open SWF File? (Easy Steps)

SWF is simply an abbreviation for Small Web Format, is used by Adobe flash player to play videos GIFS, etc. Sometimes SWF also stands for game files and sometimes known as Shockwave Flash Movie which is also a creation of Adobe flash player.

These types of file formats help software programs like Adobe to interact with animations and texts. We will learn more about the SWF file on your computer and about its usage along with the steps for how to Open SWF File.

Since no browser or Windows version comes with a built-in SWF player, you cannot open SWF file directly. But don’t worry, however, there are many easy ways that you can apply to open the file on your Windows computer. For example, if your browser supports Flash player extension, then you can simply add the add-on to your browser and try to open the video file. The web browsers that support this plug-in are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft, etc. After downloading the extension on your browser, just drop an SWF file on your browser and it will automatically display the file on-screen. If you are needed to open MP4 file then simply double-click on it to open it with your default search engine or if you have to open Bin file then you need to open it by burning it on a disc.

Flash player extension to open swf file

How to Open SWF Files?

Though Google Chrome browser does not automatically play these types of files, you can allow your Chrome flash to the websites where you are trying to play the videos. You will notice that after enabling the option, your Chrome is easily loading the file without a glitch. Similarly, if you use Playstation 3, or later versions of Sony PlayStation, or suppose Nintendo Wii, then you can open the SWF files on those video games. As they support the file type, the programs will open the file easily without much hassle.

Even though Adobe flash player has created those sorts of files, they don’t allow users to open them by double-clicking on them. You need a required program that will do the job for you. Also, you have to keep this in mind that not every SWF files would support SWF viewers. Meaning, some of the SWF files can be game files, while others can be advertisements, videos like a tutorial, etc. so you cannot expect every SWF player to support every SWF files.

Open SWF on Windows without Using any Application

You don’t have to install an application to open the SWF file on your computer, if you have an internet browser, then you can use that one. So as mentioned earlier, if you add the flash player add-on to your browser, you can easily open the SWF file from there. Here, follow some instructions-

  1. Firstly, open Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge
  2. Then simply drag file extension .SWF into the web browser. You can also try to open the SWF file from your browser
How to open SWF file
  1. And to do that, you need to right-click on the file from your file manager and then have to choose the option that enables you to open it from the browser.
How to open SWF file
  1. After allowing your Windows to open the file with the selected browser, you will see automatically the file started playing on your computer.

If you see that your browser is not playing the file, then there can be one of two reasons behind the error-

  • Either you have not installed the right plug-in on your browser. So in that case, you can install the latest version of flash player.
  • Or, check that the plug-in is turned on and working.

If you are on Chrome, you can turn on the flash player simply by typing the following address on the search bar: chrome://settings/content/flash. And after that, you can enable Flash Player Ask First(Recommended).

With it turned on, open the SWF file and your computer will automatically start playing it on-screen.

Open and Play SWF With SWFFilePlayer Tool

SWFFilePlayer is a free tool that helps users play the SWF file on their computer. The SWF file can be a game file or animation, you can use this tool to play any file that comes with the .SWF extension. The steps for playing SWF file with this tool is pretty easy and effortless and these include-

  • You have to download the tool on your computer first, and for that, you need to visit the official website of SWFFilePlayer
  • After downloading and when the installation is complete, click File and then click Open
  • From the newly opened dialogue box, navigate to the location of your SWF file and then click Open again
  • Now you can see every single details of the SWF file and after reading them, click Play

Now you can play and enjoy the SWF file and whatever video or content it has within, on-screen.

Apart from the software described above, you can use some other alternatives that too will help you Open SWF File. You can use MPC-HC or GOM Player- both of them are free.

And in case you are running Mac OS, you can either try SWF & FLV Player or Elmedia Player. However, these are mainly for playing videos and audios, so you cannot open SWF game files with these.

Editing the SWF File Extension

Since the SWF files are a combination of Adobe Animate Animation files, you cannot edit them. So the only way to edit these types of files is by editing its source, FLA files. The source files of SWF are basically binary files and they combine together to play the SWF file on flash application. So when a flash program combines FLA files together, it creates a SWF file. But Mac OS users can use Flash Decompiler Trillix which is a useful tool that helps in converting SWF to FLA. Most importantly, it does not require any flash program to compile and decompile various components on to the SWF file. A free and easy to use program is JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler which helps you with converting SWF to FLA.

Opening swf file

These are the easiest methods to Open SWF File on your Mac OS and Windows OS. In case of any confusion with the instructions, please let us know in the comment box below as soon as possible.

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