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We all like to watch movies and TV shows, and the video files we open on our computer can be in MP4 format. Not only movies and TV shows come in this file format, but if you download music videos chance is, they mostly come in MP4 format.

The full name of this MP4 file format is MPEG-4 which is basically a compressed folder and contain many types of files. A compressed MP4 folder does obviously contain the MP4 video file, but along with that, it can contain audio and subtitles as well. Users mostly come across this type of file format when they download a video file from the internet. Alternatively, when you save a file from a DVD to your computer, you can encounter this file format. Sometimes when these types of files only contain audios, they are saved with this .M4A file extension.

What is MP4 File? How to Open MP4 File?

This media container file not only can store videos but also multiple streams and audios as well. MPEG-4 Part 14 is the recent version of MP4 file format which is also named as version 2. Media players that support this version, are able to play videos that are in MP4 format. Though MP4 files mostly support online streaming, users also complain that they are unable to stream MP4 videos so in that case, you can transform your MP4 file into the web-optimized format. And to do that, you need to move the metadata of the MP4 file before trying to play the actual audio or video. In case, you are trying to play MP4 music from an internet server, make sure the server supports byte-range requests. Though MP4 is the most used file extension for storing data into video format, there are some other file formats that are also being used.

Even though many operating systems come with a default media player that support almost every kind of video and audio files, users face troubles in opening MP4 files, nonetheless. “Windows can’t open this file” is the error message that shows up when your Windows computer is unable to open the video file with the proper media player. When you find these types of error messages while trying to open a MP4 video, you can do one of the following-

  • Either search web for an appropriate application that will open the video file on your system.
  • Or check the installed programs on your computer, and pick one among them.

After selecting an appropriate solution for playing videos, you can click OK. Windows will remember this choice, and every time when you open any similar types of files, your Windows will open it in the previously selected application.

How to Open File Extension MP4?

The simplest way to open this file is just double-clicking on to it. Your computer will then immediately decide which application is appropriate for this file format. Most of the computers come with a default media player previously installed, so your Windows will automatically open the player and display the video. If no program opens, then you need to download or purchase a program, We recommend you the most popular and user-friendly media player VLC. It’s free and not only helps you to open mp4 file, but also many other video file extensions. The media player comes with very easy to use features and also supports videos with subtitles. In case you are looking for a VLC player’s alternative, you can go for MPlayer which is also free and very easy to use.

Sometimes users complain that even after installing a media player, they are unable to open MP4 file. That happens when your Windows is unable to recognize the file format of the video. So in that case, you can install a small software named MPEG-4 codec that allows your Windows computer to recognize the file type and will open it in whatever software you use to play videos. However, if you have downloaded a flash file with an SWF extension then you can open SWF file using your browser.

If you have heard the name X Codec Pack, you will know that it is a totally free collection of well-known codecs that work in various Windows OS versions including Windows 8, 7, 10, Vista, and XP. After installing the Codec Pack, you will be able to not only playing MP4 but also various other video formats on your Windows computer. However, the codec pack comes with some fake ads that look like download links.

Devices that Open _MP4 File

If you are wondering what operating systems support the MP4 file format, then there are many. You can open MP4 files from your Android smartphones, Apple devices such as Mac OS, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, etc. This means, your devices always come with a default application that will open the MP4 file for you no matter from where you are getting them- it can be over a text message, email, or when you are opening the video in web pages.

There are some programs available on the internet for free that allow users with editing MP4 files. VSDC Free Video Editor is such an example that has many features and functionalities to edit your video files that are in Mp4 format. You can also use other free tools such as Lightworks, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, Pinnacle Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro etc.

Converting an MP4 File to Different Extensions

You can take help from online tools that will help you change your MP4 files to another extension. If you want, save your MP4 file to other video formats like MKV, FLV, AVI, 3GP, etc. and you can also convert our MP4 file into a plain audio file (MP3) or convert it directly to a DVD disc drive.

You can use Freemake Video Converter or  OnlineVideoConverter. These software programs will help you in converting your mp4 videos to other video formats so that you can play them from any media player or browser. Let us know in the comment box below if you have any such recommendation. Also, do not forget to ask us any query regarding how to Open MP4 File.




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