OP3Nvoice The API to search, reimagined for a world that’s moved beyond text

Integrate video and audio search into your app with two lines of code.

Beyond text

Almost everything that was once written and typed is now recorded and stored on video and audio files. Communication, knowledge, instructions, archives, how-to….sure it’s all there but it’s also inaccessible.

A new generation of tools is needed to organize and search all this data and make it usable.

Think about it like this:

What search did for text and websites, we all need for video and audio. This is what OP3Nvoice brings.

Our platform is already being piloted by some of the world’s largest banks and insurance companies, it’s being used in video learning, HR interview apps and in contact centers …and this is just the beginning.

“Thanks to OP3Nvoice we are enabling exponential productivity improvement for the customers who use our tools.”

– Joel Gendelman, CEO N2uitive

The power of OP3Nvoice lies in the control and flexibility it gives you to build solutions on top of your synthesized conversation database.

“OP3Nvoice helped us realize our mission to reimagine the way online education should work.”

– Sumner Murphy, CEO Mobento

Mobento curates and organizes the world’s best educational videos and makes them available to students on any device. OP3Nvoice helps users find the exact moment in the exact lecture that they want, instantly.

“OP3Nvoice opens up a vast new world of spoken word to the insight and analytics that Digital Reasoning delivers to clients.”

– Tim Estes, CEO Digital Reasoning

Digital Reasoning builds software that understands human communication in many languages, across many domains, and at an enormous scale. OP3Nvoice helps Digital Reasoning extend its reach across key communication channels.

The Keys to the Ocean

Generating video and audio, it’s got ever easier to do. And now vast amounts quantities are recorded and stored. But without the right tools these growing data lakes can’t be used.

This is where you can take advantage of our simple API.

We don’t know the millions of smart ways that entrepreneurs and developers will use this technology to change the world for the better. But giving them the keys to the ocean is the start.

Switch your data lake ON

The moment you connect your media files to the OP3Nvoice platform you can begin bringing it back to life. The information captured through conversations, lectures, conference calls, sales meetings, CRMs, market research groups, key note speeches philosophical inquiries with your pet labrador can be surfaced and made useful to you.

Our RESTful API makes this easy.

Organize the Anarchy

The world of written data is well organized. The bigger and faster-growing world of dynamic media ain’t.

While it’s becoming easier to create vast quantities of audio and video, it hasn’t gotten any easier to make sense of them. The use of tagging and directories seem becomes more cumbersome and inefficient as the amount of data grows.

The OP3Nvoice platform solves this problem.

Now ask questions

Find patterns, insights, and knowledge by asking questions of your media files.

Our simple API makes this easy. One API call allows you to send us your data; another allows you to search it.

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